Our thermoforming experts are highly trained and committed to getting the most out of the mould on all thermoformers.

The dexter MT corporate movie shows the steps in our production process, from design to construction to testing.

Product design

An attractive and functional design is the first major step towards developing new packaging. At dexter MT we have our own design department. Our sister company Formital has many years of experience in designing and producing thermoformed packaging.

Using the latest CAD software, we produce various proposals which you can view in 3D online. You can rely on getting the best advice from us – not only on an attractive design but also on how you can save money and increase your production speed.

A good design is the essence of an attractive, strong product. We keep a watchful eye on the use of materials to keep costs down and advise you on how the packaging can extend the product’s shelf life. And we also help you cut your transport costs by making sure in the design stage that the packaging will be easy to transport when empty and filled.


A new product only really comes to life when you can hold it in your hands and feel it.

So besides showing you a great 3D image of your design, we can also produce some samples. These are made on our manual moulding machine in any material you specify, such as PS, PET or PP, and in your choice of film thickness. This way you get the best possible idea of what your product will look like and you can even test it with contents.

Trial run

We can also go one step further by making you a test mould. This can be used to produce anything from a few dozen to tens of thousands of products. The products are representative of the end product that will be made with the final production mould.

You can use the trial run to test your filling and sealing lines or as a preproduction series. At this stage it is still possible to make changes to details of the final mould.

Mould design

Once you have approved the product design, we start building the mould. As we are familiar with virtually all known machine types, we will come up with the best possible layout for your needs. We discuss the final design with you, incorporating quick change systems if required, and advise you on other options that influence output, production speed and quality.

An appropriate mould design is every bit as important as the right product design.

Part production

Once the mould design has been finalised, we start producing the various parts. These are made on our innovative machines using techniques such as 3 and 5 axis electrode milling, turning and wire or zinc spark eroding.

High-speed milling is a relatively new technique that we are developing and that enables us to produce even better surface quality and greater precision.

Our entire machine park is controlled with CAM modules. This makes the transfer from the engineering department much easier and minimises the risk of errors.


After producing the individual components, our team of professionals in the assembly department assembles the mould. Each mould is assembled and prepared for delivery to the customer with the greatest of care and under the constant watchful eye of our quality experts.

Trial run on KMD85 or Gabler M92XL

At dexter MT, a finished mould doesn’t mean our work is done. All moulds are tested – on our own Kiefel KMD 85 BFS and Gabler M92XL, for example.

We have two complete production lines to which we can attach any strip steel tools and tilting tools using adapters we designed ourselves. The product lines are equipped with preheating, a stacking station and a milling station.

On these lines we can produce a realistic 0-series in your choice of material, such as PP, PET or PS. You are welcome to attend this stage if you wish. You supply the film and we supply you with the mould and some pallets of products. Any remaining film is returned to you ground up in big bags.

With our bespoke adaptors we are able to attach all strip steel tools for thermoformers from Kiefel, Illig, Gabler, TFT and many more to our KMD 85. And the entire Illig K range, the Kiefel KTR 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the Gabler M-line can be mounted on our Gabler M92XL. You are welcome to attend this stage too if you wish.


As the final stage in setting up a new product, we can install the new mould in your production environment. Our thermoforming experts are trained to get the most out of the mould on all thermoformers. We work with your engineers to get your production up and running as soon as possible.

And it doesn’t stop here either. We will continue to provide you with support whenever you need it. For example, you can ask us to optimise moulds that have been in use for some time, so as to cut the cycle time or improve mould removal. And if you have any technical problems you can’t fix yourselves, make the most of our expertise in moulds and the thermoforming process. The solution can often be found in a combination of thes