We never stop innovating, and because we work closely with suppliers of thermoformers, we know exactly what the market needs.


dexter Mould Technology BV – a name to remember

dexter Mould Technology has been building moulds for the thermoforming industry since 1964. The word ‘dexter’ in Latin means ‘skilful’. And ever since we started working in this specialised field, craftsmanship has been the mainstay of the Dexter Group. We never stop innovating, and because we work closely with the top suppliers of thermoformers, we know exactly what the market needs.


We design, develop and build thermoform moulds suitable for processing materials such as PP, PS, PET, OPS and other plastics. Our sister company, Coremans BV, manufactures, modifies and repairs ISBM moulds, injection moulding tools and machine parts. Together we’re committed to further expanding our market share and improving our total product.

From the initial idea to the first production run, you’ll find everything you need under one roof at dexter MT. That not only gives you flexibility but saves you time too. And although we’re a relatively small company, we have the people, the machines and the knowledge to make us a major independent player in the market.

Active worldwide

You’ll find machines working with dexter moulds in use all over the world. Understanding your needs and responding fast are a given for us. Well-known manufacturers such as Illig, Kiefel, TFTGabler, GN and many others besides put their trust in our extensive expertise, ensuring optimum operational reliability for their machines.

The dexter Group

As part of the dexter Group, dexter MT has the expertise and experience of all group companies at its fingertips. Besides dexter MT, the dexter Group consists of the following companies:


Formital designs thin-walled plastic packaging. Its design department has many years of experience in designing and producing thermoformed packaging. You’ve probably bought foods packaged in Formital designs from a supermarket without even realising it.

Ten Vaarwerk

Ten Vaarwerk makes moulds and tools for processes requiring a high degree of precision, focusing in particular on the semiconductor industry. Ten Vaarwerk tools are used to produce miniature components for a wide range of industries including audio and automotive.


Coremans designs and manufactures ISBM moulds and high-quality machine components.

dexter Production Facility

dexter Production Facility produces parts in aluminium, steel and plastics for thermoform tooling.

Service points across the globe

Our international customer base and our market share in the international mould market are constantly growing. So we have opened several new service points across the globe.