When innovation is woven into the fabric of your daily work, doing business sustainably is a given.

Since 2009, dexter MT has been based in a building that meets all the very latest energy standards and requirements. It is heated with geothermal heat, and the heat from our machines also helps power our central heating. All our factories and offices have low-energy lighting.


There’s no beating about the bush: plastic doesn’t have a good image. But did you know that the plastic packaging produced with our moulds can extend the shelf life of the food it contains? And that we design the packaging for maximum transportation efficiency whether empty or filled?

What’s more, good design means a strong product that can be made with less and less material. We recycle all our residual materials.


We do our very best to minimise the amount of waste we generate. All the plastic we receive for our trial runs leaves us again as product or is sent for recycling. We dispose of oil, filters and coolants responsibly. And because our machines are 100% CAM controlled, we save a huge amount of paper.

Sustainable workforce

We expect our employees to deliver top performance. To help achieve this, we work with Symbus to keep them fit and productive in a practical and targeted manner.

We encourage talent development and offer work that is sufficiently challenging and rewarding. Putting the right person in the right place creates a skilled, committed and fit workforce.

By ensuring a healthy mix of young, enthusiastic people and older people with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we want everyone to be able to grow both personally and professionally as part of the growth that has characterised our company for many years. By investing in training and knowledge acquisition, we ensure that dexter MT employees are among the best in their field and remain so going forward.

European Social Fund

dexter MT - ESF logo

In late 2015 dexter MT applied for a Sustainable Employability subsidy from the European Social Fund. Our application has been approved and we are now working hard to implement the aims of this subsidy,  i.e. to adapt our working practices in order to employ people productively for longer.